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Mobile Marketing Campaign: Subscription Manager

mobile marketingA subscription manager campaign is one of those that really does have a lot of subtle potentials, some that are not always directly attributable to an incoming revenue – a marketing nightmare, how do you justify something when you can’t place upon it a definite return on investment.

By showing you how a subscription manager campaign might be used we should be able to highlight some of the benefits…

Subscription Manager Example: A sports TV channel offers news updates for a range of sports. Viewers text in with the sport(s) they are interested in to receive regular goal flashes, score updates, team news, club announcements etc.

A classic example, and one that is very much in use. It’s great as it can be largely automated, requiring little supervision and you can choose to have it reverse billed, making the cost to you extremely minimal. You also gain invaluable opted-in data for future campaigns for people who are genuinely interested.

Above all of this is the unmeasurable human factor – used correctly a subscription manager campaign can dramatically enhance your other products and user experience ensuring you maintain a loyal and active customer base.

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