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Fastsms Email to SMS Brochure

email to smsIn addition to being able to send SMS through your browser and from your desktop, Fastsms also offers the option to send SMS text messaging through any email client by following a simple format. This is particularly useful in a couple of scenarios.

1. No Browser

In some, mainly large, organisations operators are blocked from using web browsers to access the internet which will prevent them from using NetMessenger, our web-based platform for sending SMS messages. However usually such operators will have access to email. So our Email to SMS solution will enable them to send and receive text messages on their computers. Virtually all email clients can be used for this making this solution pretty well universal.

2. Legacy Software

Most third party software applications can use our SMS API (Applications Programme Interface) to provide two way SMS messaging functionality. However there are many legacy systems around that cannot be developed to incorporate SMS functionality. A majority of these, though, will be capable of sending and receiving email so can achieve the aim of using SMS messaging through implementation of the Email to SMS option.

Other users will simply prefer to carry out their SMS messaging activities in the same place as their email. This can work very well but users should be aware that the web-based platform NetMessenger has features that are not available in Email to SMS and so should be investigated if there is no strong preference for an email based solution.

Our Email to SMS Brochure includes all the information you need to start sending text messages from your email software of choice. There is also a wealth of information in our SMS Support Centre.

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