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Customer Support

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SMS messaging can help raise the quality of your customer support operation in a variety of ways. Good communication is at the heart of customer relations and SMS messaging brings certain benefits over other alternatives:

  • Speed: text messages are generally delivered in seconds straight to the recipient’s handset
  • Universality: virtually everyone has a mobile phone and every phone can receive text messages
  • Simplicity: the limited length of a text message keeps communication brief and to the point
  • Availability: texts are mostly viewed within seconds of receipt, emails take a lot longer

Customers can receive alerts of hardware or software breakdowns; updates on the progress of a case or even tips and advice on best practice or new ideas. They can text in to you with reports, details of breakdowns or even usage queries. It’s so quick and easy.

This blog category offers posts that illustrate the many ways SMS messaging can help make customers happier – even those who have a problem.


You probably already know how important it is to create a relationship with your customers. Customer relations, or support, is one of the primary ways most companies develop loyal, lasting customers. Which brings me to my inspiration for this blog.