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Customer Support

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SMS messaging can help raise the quality of your customer support operation in a variety of ways. Good communication is at the heart of customer relations and SMS messaging brings certain benefits over other alternatives:

  • Speed: text messages are generally delivered in seconds straight to the recipient’s handset
  • Universality: virtually everyone has a mobile phone and every phone can receive text messages
  • Simplicity: the limited length of a text message keeps communication brief and to the point
  • Availability: texts are mostly viewed within seconds of receipt, emails take a lot longer

Customers can receive alerts of hardware or software breakdowns; updates on the progress of a case or even tips and advice on best practice or new ideas. They can text in to you with reports, details of breakdowns or even usage queries. It’s so quick and easy.

This blog category offers posts that illustrate the many ways SMS messaging can help make customers happier – even those who have a problem.


SMS marketing is defined by the use of text messaging to convey deals, offers or information to customers. When it's used properly, SMS is a high-return and low-cost marketing method with the ability to provide your business with a stable and effective platform for reaching customers. The main goal of an SMS campaign is a conversion; you want the recipient to perform an action as a result of reading the text message, so it's important to know what your customers will most appreciate. For a truly effective SMS marketing campaign, simply follow a few customer-centric guidelines.


All sorts of companies are finding SMS messaging works much better than traditional customer support channels like phone calls and emails. In this post, you’ll see examples of how businesses are keeping their customers happy and seeing great results with SMS.


At the end of February, Amazon’s S3 servers went down. And so did much of the Internet. What can we learn from the experience about communicating with customers during an online disaster? According to experts, having a plan that includes SMS messaging is key.


SMS is a very personal method of communication that is ideally suited to customer service. Where email can seem lazy and automated phone responses uncaring, the mobile inbox communicates directly with the user, for whom the phone is often their go-to device.


When handled correctly, SMS can be a dream partner for e-commerce and has a well-deserved place in your customer service suite. Once you have the all-important opt-in for SMS marketing compliance, you can begin to use SMS as a way to differentiate your e-commerce offer to make your customers' purchasing experience particularly pleasurable.