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Customer Support

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SMS messaging can help raise the quality of your customer support operation in a variety of ways. Good communication is at the heart of customer relations and SMS messaging brings certain benefits over other alternatives:

  • Speed: text messages are generally delivered in seconds straight to the recipient’s handset
  • Universality: virtually everyone has a mobile phone and every phone can receive text messages
  • Simplicity: the limited length of a text message keeps communication brief and to the point
  • Availability: texts are mostly viewed within seconds of receipt, emails take a lot longer

Customers can receive alerts of hardware or software breakdowns; updates on the progress of a case or even tips and advice on best practice or new ideas. They can text in to you with reports, details of breakdowns or even usage queries. It’s so quick and easy.

This blog category offers posts that illustrate the many ways SMS messaging can help make customers happier – even those who have a problem.


It’s been an exciting year here at fastsms. We’ve pulled the highlights together and asked Operations Director Sandy Burt to give us his thoughts on this year, and what he’s looking forward to in 2017.


Customer service is arguably one of the most important parts of any organisation. Happy, loyal customers spend more and ultimately bring you more business through positive comments and referrals. Here's why SMS is crucial to maintaining high levels of support now and for the future.


People like SMS messaging. They really do. In a variety of surveys and studies, consumers continue to say they like it when companies use SMS to communicate with them. Let's look at some of the data that proves it to be true, and also how to make sure your company is using it correctly for customer support communications.


In my last blog I looked at five reasons you want to use SMS messaging in your business. In this blog we're looking at the same topic, just from the consumer's point of view. For example, how do you really know your customers want you to send them messages via SMS? Isn't email or a phone call good enough? Is it worth your time to learn how to use SMS messaging in your business?


It was late Thursday afternoon on a busy week when I heard the familiar jingle. I received a text message from the company I rented a DVD from about a week prior (I know, who rents DVDs these days - but stay with me). They wanted to ask if I’d forgotten about it, since I hadn’t yet returned it. Indeed I had forgotten.