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Transport, delivery and logistics companies gain great benefit from the use of text messaging in promoting and managing their businesses. As with most other business sectors they can use mobile marketing to generate enquiries and engage with clients. The greatest benefit for transport businesses however is in the operational use of SMS.

It is better to contact drivers by SMS than by phone as it doesn’t distract from driving and leaves a permanent record. So ideal for changes of schedule and other urgent communications. It is also very effective for confirming delivery times with both business and personal clients, cutting down on non-deliveries and the associated cost.

Years ago I worked for a company that required a lot of travel. Fortunately, the company arranged and paid for transportation from my home to the airport and back again. It was great, but I always felt it could have been better, and now I think SMS could have been the answer, here's why.


How can taxi services - and any transport company like delivery services, public transportation, logistics, and haulage - stay in touch without taking risks with push to talk mobiles and other two-way radio setups. With SMS, companies can integrate into their own software and systems, save money and keep their drivers safer.