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Fastsms SMS messaging solutions are aimed primarily at business users and their communications needs. However nothing disqualifies personal users from using Fastsms for their texting needs. You can send and receive texts, at low cost, wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection, so can be very handy when overseas or out of range.

All solutions are free irrespective of usage level. Message credits can be bought in bundles as low as 100 credits which, at the time of writing, costs just £3.50p + VAT. Inbound messages can come through a Virtual Mobile Number which costs just £99 + VAT per annum, or you can direct inbound messages to your mobile phone if you prefer.

Here's a great real life example of how a retailer used text messaging to offer out a discount voucher to customers who had visited their store. Their approach is simple and intelligent and very focused on one segment of their customer base, those who had recently visited a store.