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Fastsms Affiliate Programme

The Fastsms Affiliate Programme has been developed to give you the opportunity to generate additional revenue alongside your usual business; and to do so in a way that requires very little effort on your part.

All you need to do is recommend our service to your contacts and you will receive commission on every purchase made by that person.

We also offer a White Label Reseller option whereby we provide you with a “Business In A Box”. But whilst we get a lot of enquiries for the Reseller deal it is not usually appropriate as Resellers take over all aspects of the account, including support and billing. Let’s compare the two options and see which suits whom.

Reseller Programme:

As a Reseller you get your own version of Fastsms including web-based platform, email-to-sms, API and documentation. You buy message credits and Virtual Mobile Numbers from us in bulk and sell at whatever price you choose. The Fastsms name doesn’t appear anywhere, the system is customised with your branding, logos, etc. To all intents and purposes it is your system.

On the other hand you need to take payments, process and fulfill orders, and provide first line customer support. We will fix anything you identify to us but we will not normally deal with your users directly – remember we don’t exist as far as they are concerned.

This approach is great for an existing internet services or communications company who already have systems in place to handle the billing and support. It can work as a stand alone business too but you should not underestimate the commitment you need to keep users happy and spending money.

Affiliate Programme:

As an Affiliate you refer your clients and prospects to us. Once referred they are tied to your Affiliate account for 6 months and if they place even a single order of £30 they are “yours” for the life of their account. Whatever they buy you get a generous share of that you can take in cash, or if it suits you better as gift vouchers or SMS message credits.

We handle everything for the user; billing, support, upgrades, up-selling and you get your cut on all of that.

You only lose a few things as an Affiliate compared to a Reseller. The commission is generous but not as much as you might get as a Reseller. You don’t give the impression that it is your system, it’s clearly Fastsms but that’s usually a good thing as we are among the very best in the market. The big thing you lose by being an Affiliate is the work associated with marketing, selling, billing and support.

Software developers can benefit by developing apps that use our SMS API in the knowledge that they are working with a top notch provider and also making money via Fastsms for anyone that takes the app without having to provide support on the SMS element.

If you are still not sure which programme suits you best please get in touch for a chat.

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