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Technical Information

News, tips & advice from FastSMS

Here you will find articles relating to the technical aspects of SMS Text Messaging in general and, in particular, details on the solutions included in the Fastsms platform.

This will include technical specifications of the Short Message Service (SMS). For example how and why it is limited to 160 characters per message; what character sets are supported by SMS services and what other restrictions apply to what is basically a very simple or even primitive technology. Inevitably this will at times delve into the history of mobile communications which goes back many years.

Coverage will also be given of technical issues related to Fastsms, in the main integration issues. So our API’s will feature – there are two versions – the HTTP API and the XML API. Also Email to SMS will be covered, including the integration possible with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. Technical information on inbound SMS services – Shortcodes and Virtual Reply Numbers – will appear as appropriate.

Much more technical detail can be found in our Fastsms Knowledge Base.

In the information technology (IT) field, "the cloud" is an all encompassing term used to refer to any remote location where computers (called servers) and data storage can be accessed over the...

The benefit of using SMS messaging for authentication is that people have their mobiles with them all the time. It’s convenient for them to receive the passcodes quickly so they can get logged in and do their business, whatever that may be. At its simplest, the procedure goes something like this...

Ever wondered why SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters? You might think it was an arbitrary choice but that wasn't the case. 160 characters was chosen based on scientific research (sort of). Read the history behind it and learn how you can send texts of up to 456 characters now.