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Fastsms SMS messaging solutions are aimed primarily at business users and their communications needs. However nothing disqualifies personal users from using Fastsms for their texting needs. You can send and receive texts, at low cost, wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection, so can be very handy when overseas or out of range.

All solutions are free irrespective of usage level. Message credits can be bought in bundles as low as 100 credits which, at the time of writing, costs just £3.50p + VAT. Inbound messages can come through a Virtual Mobile Number which costs just £99 + VAT per annum, or you can direct inbound messages to your mobile phone if you prefer.

At a special time of year like Christmas, it is important that the whole family look and feel their very best for the traditional festive gatherings - and pooch is no exception. In fact, UK families are spending more than ever on their four legged friends, and for Britain’s many dog grooming parlours this means that there is money to be made - and SMS Marketing is one of the most effective tools available to do so. Read on for some inspired ideas.

Although it is a relatively new trend in the UK compared to the well established US market, Life Coaching has grown over recent years to become a significant area of business and represents over half of all activity within the wider coaching sector. As we continue to see economic turbulence and a dramatically changing world, there is every indication that life coaching will continue to see sustained growth for many years to come - and SMS Marketing is an ideal tool to help. Here's why.

SMS text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to raise the profile of your business, communicate with your customers and send direct information to the people you most want to target. It's a highly cost-effective way to reach customers as most people carry a mobile phone on them every day.  If you work within the retail sector, SMS messaging presents several opportunities for you to reach and connect with customers, with the aim of generating increased sales. For some of the main reasons SMS marketing is ideal for retailers, read on.

If you are the owner-manager of a UK retail business, then you will know that it’s vital to use every weapon you have available to battle with the big guns on the high street and online. That must include embracing all the advantages modern technology provides, including a communications campaign based on the Short Message Service (SMS) – better known as text messages. Not sure what SMS is about and how it will work for your shop? Then read on, because you are missing a golden opportunity to give your small shop a much bigger presence and outreach.