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If you run a delivery-based business, you'll know that communication with your customer is key. Whether it's keeping them informed about their delivery's status and expected arrival time, or tempting them with discounts and offers on future orders, there are plenty of reasons to keep in touch. But a key communications challenge in the digital age is choosing the appropriate channel to use to get your message across. Forms of marketing like emails and phone calls are still forces to be reckoned with, but the success of many communications from delivery-based businesses rely on near-instantaneous reading. That's where SMS marketing comes in.


The phenomenal rise in popularity of online retail has seen the courier business change on a seismic scale. In this article, we look at how SMS messaging has found itself at the heart of the industry’s transformation into a customer service led model where survival means delivering more than just the goods. Read on to discover some simple SMS techniques to improve your customer relations and brand image.