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Mobile Marketing Campaign: Simple Vote

health clubs use smsIt seems that at this time the culture we live in revolves around public opinion more than any other to come before it. At times it seems a bit insane but we vote on everything from our favourite flavour of crisps, to who we think should run the country, to who we think should get kicked out of a bizarre multi-coloured house in Hertfordshire.

Whatever the subject, people love having their say – and it is a great way to market a product or service as well as gather invaluable data; not just hard data such as phone numbers for future campaigns but when you’re planning on selling something to the mob, its a good idea to find out what they think at some point!

A simple vote campaign from FASTSMS was born for this kind of stuff, in the past this type of campaign has been behind everything from Big Brother & Pop Idol to government opinion polls on smoking and driving habits.

By running a few keywords simultaneously you have the makings of a really successful simple vote campaign…

Simple Vote Example: A well known reality TV programme invites viewers to vote for evictions as follows:

To evict Charlie text VOTE CHARLIE to 87007

To evict Godzilla text VOTE GODZILLA to 87007

Simple Vote Example: A radio vote on a topical issue of the day might want to collect listeners’ opinions on using mobile phones whilst driving. They would ask their listeners to:

Text BAN to 88010 if you want to ban any use of mobile phones whilst driving

Text HANDS to 88010 if you think hands-free kits are safe enough

Text OK to 88010 if you think mobile phones are safe under any circumstances.

These really are easy to setup and run, with the data easily exportable into a spreadsheet, you can even get qualitative data as well, where people can text HANDS followed by their reasoning to 80010 – this really engages your audience maintaining or improving your relationship with who are effectively your customers.

To find out more about simple vote campaigns or mobile marketing in general grab us on live chat, email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 954 5305.

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