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Throttling is a feature of NetMessenger, our web based SMS messaging platform, that enables marketing campaigns to be staggered over the day to regulate the flow of enquiries to a call centre.

If for example the campaign was to send 10,000 messages per day to generate sufficient enquiries to keep operators busy you would not want to send all 10,000 in the first 5 minutes of the morning. This could lead to a massive wave of enquiries in the first hour then nothing for the rest of the day. Throttling would enable you to specifiy that you wanted to send the 10,000 spread over, let’s say, the first 6 hours, thereby producing a steady flow of calls.

Like Google, you may think a SIM farm is an old video game (go ahead, Google it!). But when it comes to SMS messaging, a SIM farm is nothing like a fun and harmless video game. SIM in this context is referring to a subscriber identity module, or SIM card in a mobile device. Every mobile on a GSM network uses one. It contains information about the owner and mobile including number, contact lists, network authorisation.