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We ran a survey on our website recently to ask if businesses had reduced the number of marketing messages they send (email, SMS etc.) as a result of GDPR - and 42% of UK based respondents said yes, they had. A further 42.7% said they’d made no changes, and 15.4% said they were sending more messages.* What we’ve discovered when talking to business owners and marketers is that people don’t fully understand the regulation, and so are being very cautious. They’ve either reduced the frequency of their messages or reduced their mailing list. We’ve also seen occasions where this actually wasn’t necessary, and, in some cases, that the excessive caution was damaging their business interests. So, before we go into what you can do to re-build your mailing list, it’s worth revisiting a common misunderstanding about GDPR. There are 6 lawful bases which allow you to process personal data under GDPR, and only one...