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Good and frequent communication between lawyers and clients is a fundamental requirement for any law firm. The most common complaint made about lawyers is poor communication and it’s one that is easily solved.

Because SMS messaging is so easy to use, can be delivered in seconds and costs so little it can be used to save expensive and time consuming telephone calls by texting clients updates on the progress of their case whether updating the progress of a property transaction of dates of court appearances. It is also a highly effective marketing tool for law firms in highly competitive files such as personal injury or PPI.

Since the withdrawal of legal aid for personal injury claims in 2000, a lot has changed in the legal claims industry. Not only are the funding options for claims completely different, the marketplace has also become increasingly competitive, making it harder and harder for companies to stand out from the crowd. With most claimants now settling for fixed scale payments in order to reach a quicker resolution, customer service is quickly becoming the biggest differentiating factor in today’s market. Read on to learn how SMS Messaging can help personal injury specialists win customers time and again and increase their market penetration.


We all know how great SMS marketing is for companies which sell to consumers, such as hairdressers, night clubs, garages and hotels. But why would a primarily business to business organisation want to use SMS marketing and why would it want to use FastSMS as its online SMS platform?