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Instant messaging is a term that describes a range of applications that enable real time two way messaging by two or more parties over the internet. The most basic forms enable short messages to be sent in their entirety on hitting a Send button, whereas others work in “real” real time by sending data a character at a time. Still more advanced versions enable files, images and links to be sent within the chat message.

SMS messaging can be used in this way but is not as easy to use for chat. The strength of SMS is its standardised formula, its reliability and speed. As time goes by however many of the social uses of SMS will migrate to instant messaging applications. Business messages, such as transactional reporting or alerts, will largely remain the domain of SMS partly because of its ease of integration and its universal adoption by all mobile phones.

It seems there's a new messaging app popping up every month. It's hard to keep track of them all, but it's also hard to ignore them if you're looking to use mobile marketing. When you've got limited marketing resources, should you spend them advertising on the latest IM app, or go with SMS marketing?