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Mobile Marketing Campaign: Database Builder

sms shortcodesSo you recognise the potential of mobile marketing, but now you’re wondering how to collate mobile numbers of potential customers who not only opt-in to receive messages but have a genuine interest in your product or service…

There are many ways in which this can be done, you may already have the data on file in customer profiles, you may choose to buy it in if targetting a particular sector with a mass broadcast or you can run a Database Builder campaign.

When launching a Database Builder campaign you will publish your number and invite potential customers to text in registering their interest. It might sound like not many people would go for this, however its all about being creative about it, and giving a simple example will show that these sort of campaigns are all around you…

Database Builder Example: A chocolate manufacturer wants to poll opinion on its latest chocolate bar, so the wrapper invites customers to text in with their thoughts. The numbers are logged in a Database Builder campaign so that the customers can be invited to take part in other SMS events later.

One that you may be more familiar with is a recent campaign by Walkers Crisps where they advertised six new flavours, amongst them were things like Cajun Squirrel, Hoi Sin Duck, Fish and Chips, and Builders Breakfast (which i think won it) – anyway, as well as on TV adverts there were lots of posters in pubs inviting people to text in their vote for their favourite new flavour which would become permanent.

I don’t know the figures, but I’m sure Walkers now have a lot of new opt-in information they can use for future campaigns, and those who showed enough interest in the product to vote in will be the audience.

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