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SMS for Events
& Conferences

Create a buzz around your event to sell more tickets

& fill those empty seats with last minute reminders

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You know managing events is filled with challenges. While the details vary depending on the type of event, many of them revolve around promotions and logistics before, during, and after the event.

SMS messaging can help you overcome these challenges.

In the build up to your event use SMS to announce the details, offer VIP early bird tickets & run competitions creating a real buzz.

During the event, SMS can be used to coordinate your support staff, answer queries from attendees or encourage engagement with text to screen campaigns.

After the event is the perfect opportunity to follow up with your attendees via SMS about related merchandise, future events or to request reviews online.

From wedding planners to event centres that seat tens of thousands of people, and everything in between, you can use SMS messaging to help make every event a success.

SMS tickets

Sell more tickets

Promote early tickets for your event to your VIPs using SMS marketing or to fill last minute seats at a discounted rate

SMS competitions


Increase awareness of your event through SMS competitions for tickets, backstage passes or merchandise

SMS sub accounts

Grow your list

Get more subscribers on your marketing list using an SMS keyword campaign, or import them directly from your own systems

SMS booking

SMS e-tickets

Send booking reference numbers or links to QR codes as a text message to be shown at the box office on the day of the event

Email signatures


Encourage your audience to get involved by texting the big screen or the host, perfect for music concerts & comedy gigs

Group SMS

Staff management

Use SMS to coordinate your support staff, security personnel or volunteers on the day, deploying them where needed - great for festivals

Events SMS Blog

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