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Appointment Bookings
& SMS Reminders

Reduce no-shows, improve customer service

& handle cancellations using text messaging

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Reduce missed appointments & increase revenue

Missed appointments or reservations don’t just cause you inconvenience they actually cost your business in lost revenue, missed opportunities or incurred costs.

Of course, you could penalise your clients for missing your scheduled appointment, as organisations do. But this isn’t an option for every business model and doesn’t exactly endear you to your customers.

This is why many forward-thinking companies and organisations are tackling the problem from the other end. A timely SMS reminder is proven to not only proven to be well received but is also highly effective in reducing missed appointments.

There will always be extenuating circumstances that mean some appointments will not be able to be kept but by giving people the option to cancel or rearrange easily in a face-saving way you’re much less likely to be left waiting and may even be able to offer the slot to someone else.

SMS booking

Text to book

Publish your virtual mobile number & give your customers the option to text you to request an appointment or reservation

SMS appointment reminder

Cancel or rearrange

Give people the option to text directly or reply to your SMS reminder to cancel or rearrange for a later date

SMS confirmation


After receiving a request for an appointment or reservation, send a confirmation SMS with all the important information

SMS reminder

SMS reminders

Automatically schedule a text message to remind people of their appointment or reservation to be sent the day before

SMS information

Further information

Send related information to people a few days before their appointment, including who it is with & where they should go

SMS feedback

Follow ups

After the date of an appointment or reservation has passed, automatically send a text asking for feedback or link to a survey

Industries using SMS for bookings & reminders

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