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Text Messaging
for Logistics

Make operations move more smoothly with

delivery updates & reduce wasted journeys

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Deliver a better customer experience with SMS

Delivery, haulage and logistics companies all have the challenge of managing many moving parts. Multiple vehicles and drivers transporting items, food, or goods all to separate destinations make it difficult to know exactly what is going on at any one time. While there are many tools already in use to help, SMS messaging is one of the best.

Improve safety

Your company may use radios or mobile voice calls to communicate with your drivers. Either one of those methods requires the driver to respond whenever they are called. But talking on mobiles while driving is illegal and unsafe. By using text messages to communicate with your drivers, you can relax knowing they will get the message immediately but can check it when it’s safe for them to do so.

Reduce costs

SMS messages work on any mobile phone. That means your company won’t need to invest in specialised equipment for your drivers and staff. Many of our customers say they save money because when employees use their own mobiles, all they need to do is pay for the number of messages they send each month. The cost is relatively fixed which makes budgeting and planning easier.

Manage customers

Another great use of SMS is keeping customers informed. This could include updates on where their delivery is in the network, confirmation of delivery (safe place, with a neighbour etc) or even special offers from private couriers.

The more you communicate with your customers about information relevant to them (orders, bookings, shipments, etc.) the more likely they are to return to use your services again. It will show them how much you care about your customers, and build their loyalty over time.

SMS delivery

Delivery confirmations

Let your customers know when their package has been dispatched with an estimated date of delivery

SMS stock

Pickup requests

Give your customers the option to request a collection using an inbound number with a time-slot in the auto-reply

SMS feedback


Send surveys & request feedback from your customers showing your care about the level of service you provide

SMS appointment reminder

Rearrange delivery

Give your customers the option to rearrange a delivery or give instructions such as a 'safe place' or 'leave with neighbour'

SMS booking

Order tracking

Automatically send tracking information to both sender & recipient using a URL in a text message

SMS undelivered alert

Safer drivers

Reduce distractions & stay legal by sending job information to your drivers that they can check when it's safe

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