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Text Messaging for
School & Colleges

Keep parents & students up to date with SMS alerts

about attendance, events, weather, deadlines & more

See for yourself how easy it is to start using SMS in your education
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Reduce communication costs by up to 40% with SMS

School budgets seem to get tighter every year. You’re sometimes left with limited staff, more students and more work with the same or lower budgets. That makes time one of your most valuable assets.

SMS can help every department reclaim lost time contacting parents regarding truancy, closures, training days, transport issues, events & when important information is being sent home with a student.

But SMS isn’t just for parents, it’s a powerful tool for coordinating your staff or for contacting students (particularly at Colleges).

Low SMS warning


Send an SMS to parents, staff & students when there is a time-critical piece of information or change of schedule

SMS feedback


Send automatic notifications in case of absence & enable parents to text in when a child is suffering from illness

Throttling SMS


Keep specific groups of parents in the loop regarding exam dates or approaching deadlines for assignments

SMS appointment reminder

Event management

Coordinate & send important information regarding sporting events, theatre productions or parents evening.

SMS undelivered alert

School closures

Contact all parents simultaneously when the school is going to be closed for the day due to severe weather

SMS sub accounts

Clubs & teams

Manage sports teams and after school clubs using SMS to arrange meetings, training sessions and fixtures

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