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Text Messaging for
Financial Services

Keep customers informed about their accounts

with balance statements & payment confirmations 

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Give your customers greater visibility of their finances

Over 450 million text messages are sent by banks in the UK each year. That’s evidence your customers are becoming more and more comfortable with text messaging as a primary form of communication for financial information.

Whatever type of financial services you offer – banking, debt collection, finance broker, independent financial advice, or insurance – you can use SMS messaging to communicate quickly with customers and staff.

Balance alert, deposit confirmations, fraud alerts & payment reminders are just some of the benefits you can offer your customers through SMS messaging. All of which can be sent immediately when a transaction or event is processed. Your customers receive the information in just seconds and feel confident you are working hard for them and offering them peace of mind. They feel secure in your hands, and you have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Fast communication with staff

Depending on the type of services you offer, a good portion of your team may be working out of the office for large parts of the day. This particularly applies to IFAs and Debt Collectors who may need to request specific information sent to their phones via SMS or even check in for job details.

With SMS messaging, your support staff can keep everyone informed using a single “switchboard” with a web-based SMS messaging service. It’s as easy to send your entire staff a notification as it is to send job details to a single advisor. And you’re guaranteed they get the message, unlike email or voicemail.

Promoting your business

Every company needs to get more customers, clients, or prospects. There are many ways to use SMS messaging to promote your business including direct marketing to those that sign up to your marketing lists. But you can also use SMS messaging for referral marketing, or to contact existing customers with offers based on their past behaviour – borrowing, saving, or investing.

Personalised Bulk SMS messages

Balance statements

Send your customers balance updates by request, on a predefined schedule or triggered by events or thresholds

Low SMS warning

Policy renewals

Schedule annual reminders for insurance policy renewals complete with quotes & links to extend for another year

SMS undelivered alert

Fraud alerts

Automate alerts when suspicious activity is flagged on an account can avoid unnecessary blocks or reduce damage

SMS booking

Appointment reminders

Confirm appointment details & reduce no-shows with a timely SMS reminder scheduled the day before

SMS payments

Payment confirmations

Remind customers when a payment is due & send a confirmation when funds have cleared against their account

SMS verification

Two-factor authentication

Enhance the security on your customers' accounts using two-factor mobile authentication to challenge logins from a new device

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