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Promote your brand using SMS marketing

Whether you’re a marketing professional or wearing many hats as a small business owner you know that if you want sales you’re going to have to tell people about your products and services.

You may also understand the importance of an integrated marketing strategy across multiple channels. SMS text messaging is one of those channels – and a highly profitable one at that.

When compared to print, mobile offers are redeemed 10 times more often with 98% of text messaged being read within 3 minutes. Coupled with the low cost of sending an SMS campaign and you can start to see why ROI’s in the thousands of percent aren’t uncommon.

SMS promotions


Let your SMS VIPs know when there is a new product, limited sale or special offer associated with your brand

SMS appointment reminder


Promote special events & request a RSVP by sending a text message with all the important information to your list

SMS sub accounts


Get more subscribers to your opt-in SMS list by publishing your virtual mobile number on your marketing materials

SMS tickets


Send a booking registration number or a link to an e-ticket as a text message that your customers can use for entry

SMS donations


Promote your cause or charity by including links to your donation pages in the texts you send your supporters

SMS competitions


Boost brand awareness & generate opt-ins to your marketing list by facilitating a competition via SMS

SMS feedback

Feedback & Surveys

Improve customer intelligence by asking your customers for feedback or sending a link to a incentivised survey

SMS voucher

Coupons & vouchers

Send a special discount coupon or voucher as a text message that your customers can show at point of purchase

Email signatures


Increase audience engagement at events by giving the option for them to text directly to a big screen

SMS cross Chanel


Use SMS to drive engagement on your other marketing channels, promoting your email newsletter, website or blog

Industries using SMS for marketing & promotions

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