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Text Messaging for
Restaurants & Cafés

Get more reservations, better feedback
& happier customers using SMS

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Provide a better dining experience

The ideal scenario for every restauranter, whether a Michelin-starred eatery or a self-described greasy spoon café, is perhaps a constant flow of satisfied customers giving you full tables without having to turn people away. This might not seem realistic, but SMS can help get you at least part of the way.

SMS marketing has a proven track record of yielding a high return on investment in the restaurant and hospitality sector as a whole. With it costing no more than £3.50 to send a promotion to 100 of your previous customers, how many would you need to visit again as a result to get a positive return?

Starting simply, by collecting your customers’ mobile numbers as they make reservations or place orders and asking for their consent to send them special offers you’ll find yourself with a healthy list of potential customers with a genuine interest in your establishment that you can tempt back time and time again.

But there’s much more you can do with SMS in your restaurant business than marketing, it has the potential to streamline many of your other businesses processes.

Direct SMS replies


Give your customers the option to request a reservation and return a confirmation all via SMS

SMS feedback


Ask your customers to submit feedback via SMS as a way to gather more numbers for your marketing list

SMS reservations


Promote your new seasonal menu or drinks packages as well as any special events like taster evenings

SMS booking


Reduce no-shows by sending your customers a reminder before their reservation with the option to cancel/amend

SMS promotions

Special offers

Offer your loyal customers special discounts or deals for being on your marketing list to keep bringing them back

Group SMS

Coordinate staff

Notify your team members of their rota, any upcoming events, or the weekly specials via text message

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New to SMS Marketing?

Download our 12-page Restaurant SMS Guide : A short guide to bringing success to your restaurant business through SMS messaging

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