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SMS for Managing
Teams of People

Keep people in the loop with SMS notifications

& coordinate staff more efficiently in real-time

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Reduce missed appointments & increase revenue

The workplace has changed significantly in the last couple of decades, technology is everywhere. Nearly every employee has a mobile phone – company issued or otherwise. This provides an opportunity for forward-thinking companies who are willing to take advantage of technology in the workplace.

Most companies have different projects, departments, or teams that need to collaborate. Sometimes the team is distributed in different locations or working under time-sensitive conditions. Chances are, these employees are using SMS already on personal mobiles, but a corporate solution provides more security and record keeping options for you.

HR managers and recruiters love to use SMS. It’s quick and discrete for potential hires who may be working at another job. Sending a text message with an interview confirmation allows the candidate to confirm without everyone in the office hearing about it.

Companies can use SMS messaging to survey their employees about issues at the office. This could be anything from the menu for the annual meeting to preferences for office chairs or logo colours. Employees that are asked for their opinion feel more valued and generally perform better at their jobs. Surveys could be done entirely over SMS, or by providing links to mobile-friendly sites to complete the actual survey.

Group SMS

Coordinate staff

SMS is the perfect real-time method of communication to update your team members and deploy them where they're needed most

SMS appointment reminder

Event management

Distribute details or request RSVPs via SMS for the next company Christmas party or fundraising event

Throttling SMS

Shift schedules

Let people know what shifts they've been assigned that week or where they need to be even when they're not on the premises

SMS reporting

Sales reporting

Get real-time updates from your sales teams in the field when they send updates to your virtual mobile number

SMS voucher

Reminders & notifications

Automatically remind team members when they have a meeting or a specific place they need to be at any given time

SMS feedback

Absence reporting

Give people the option to text in to your virtual mobile number when they are going to be late or absent that day

SMS business

Company news

Keep people up to date with important news about your organisation without having to draft long email newsletters

SMS recruitment


Discretely send updates and important information to prospective hires without waiting for them to check their email

Industries using SMS for people management

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