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SMS for Hotel &
Hospitality Businesses

Improve customer happiness, get better reviews,

increase loyalty and get more repeat visits

See for yourself how easy it is to start using SMS in your hospitality
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Deliver a better hospitality experience

Whether your hospitality business is a grand country manor, an international chain of hotels or a privately owned apartment you’re probably aware that success hinges on how your guests judge their stay.

In a world where disgruntled guests are more comfortable sharing a grievance online than with the management, anything you can do to address or pre-empt negative experiences is a must. This is where SMS can make a real difference.

Well-timed text messages can be just the thing to help make your guests feel welcome and that you really care about their experience. Offering a textline for requests like reservations, toiletries or room service can make it easier for your guests to get what they need without waiting on a busy front desk.

Direct SMS replies

Customer service

Give your guests the option to text you directly with any issues, requests or questions

SMS reservations


Encourage your guests to visit your restaurant by accepting table reservations by SMS, then text them when it's ready

SMS feedback


Ask guests for feedback after they check-out for a chance to head off any potentially damaging reviews

Estate agents


Make check-in/out as painless as possible by giving your guests the option to do it via text message

SMS promotions

Special offers

Offer your guests discounted drinks or spa packages during their stay, or bring them back with a discounted stay

Group SMS

Manage staff

Use SMS to keep staff up to date with rotas, alerts or any upcoming events they need to be aware of

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New to SMS Marketing?

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