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Text Messaging
for Customer Service

Extend office hours, reduce phone calls and

improve customer satisfaction ratings using SMS

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Reduce phone calls & increase customer satisfaction

In an age where anyone can use social media and review sites to tell everyone about their experience with your business, reputation management and ultimately customer satisfaction has become a high priority.

There will always be limitations on how many phone calls you can take simultaneously and replying to emails can be time-consuming. While SMS can’t completely replace these forms of communication, they can definitely lighten the load when used strategically.

By publishing your virtual mobile number as a ‘textline’ and using keywords, it’s possible to automate much of the support process outside of normal working hours. An example of this would be a customer wanting to place a regular order, check stock, or request more information on a particular product  – a great example of which is property.

One of the most important aspects of customer service is giving the customer a sense that you care. One way to do that is to keep them informed. Timely updates on cases, deliveries, stock levels and support tickets can keep a customer in the loop without having to come to you for the information – which makes for a happy customer.

SMS voucher


Extend normal working hours with a 'textline' that customers can use to ask questions and report issues

Low SMS warning

Results notifications

Some things are too important to make people wait. Send critical information like test & exam results instantly

SMS hearing impaired

Deaf & hearing impaired

Ensure your deaf or hearing impaired customers can get in touch for the help they need using your 'textline'

Direct SMS replies

Service quotes

Deliver quick quotes to regular customers for specific services, perfect for tradespeople who are on the move

SMS feedback

Feedback & surveys

Maintaining good customer service is a constant process, focus your efforts by asking your customers their opinion

SMS information

Schedule updates

Keep your customers up to date with scheduling information including opening hours & planned downtime

SMS stock

Stock updates & collections

Enable customers to check stock automatically & let them know when a specific item is reserved & ready to collect

SMS verification

Verification codes

Securely send product verification codes or enable customers to register purchases easily using SMS

Industries using SMS for customer service

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