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SMS Messaging

Automated transactional messages gives your

customers information when they need it

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Better information makes for happier customers

Transactional SMS messaging is widely understood as any kind of message that is generated as a result of a user action, in direct relation to that user action.

This includes purchase confirmations, order updates, account alerts, schedule changes, reminders – just about anything that contains personalised information and was triggered by the action of one of your customers (even if there is a significant delay).

Transactional SMS messages give your customers the information they expect as soon as it is available, direct into their hands. It lets them know you’ve received an order & when it will be delivered; when an item is back in stock or ready for collection; that they need to renew a policy or subscription; a balance is running low; and that there has been a last-minute schedule change.

The bottom line is that much of transactional SMS messaging is just good manners and by that nature isn’t heavily sales focussed. But what you will get in addition to lower support costs is much happier customers, and happy customers are loyal customers who are more likely to buy off you in the future.

SMS confirmation


Let your customers know when you've received their order or request for extra peace of mind they'll thank you for

SMS stock

Stock check & pickup

Notify your customers when a particular item is back in stock or a reservation is ready to be collected

SMS appointment reminder

Schedule changes

Notify customers instantly when there is an unexpected change or delay to a set schedule for travel or events

SMS voucher

Service reminders

Remind customers when a warranty or service is due to expire, giving them the option to book an extension

SMS delivery

Delivery tracking

Include a URL to track an order and let your customers know when they can expect to have it delivered

Low SMS warning

Account alerts

Automatically notify your customers based on account activity when a deposit is made or a threshold is reached

SMS reservations


Notify customers when their food order is up or reservation is ready without the need for expensive pager systems

Throttling SMS


Encourage customers to renew cover or a subscription using an automated reminder sent a few days before expiry

Industries using SMS for transactional messages

  • Hotels
  • Taxis
  • Garages
  • Estate Agents
  • Recruitment
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Takeaways
  • Utilities

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