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Text Messaging for Taxi
& Private Hire Firms

Increase bookings, reduce no-shows
& streamline operations using SMS

See for yourself how easy it is to start using SMS in your taxi
business – we’ll even give you 25 free credits to get started

Deliver a better booking experience

Few businesses rely on repeat customers more than taxi & private hire firms; if your fares have a bad experience or you’re seen to be unreliable it’s likely they’ll try using a competitor next time they need a ride and may never come back.

Equally, every time a customer doesn’t show up at a meeting point; whether they were late or couldn’t find the driver, you lose that time which could have been spent servicing another client.

If you’re an internationally recognised powerhouse of a firm then most of these problems are solved with a simple app; a simple app that costs massive amounts to build and maintain. So if you’re a small local firm, how do you compete?

Used creatively, SMS too can solve many of these problems without any development or maintenance costs. All it costs is a couple of pence per message sent, and if you find it doesn’t strengthen your brand and retain more customers you can walk away having spent very little.

SMS booking


Give your regular customers the option to request a pickup via text message, this could be exclusive to their home location

SMS confirmation


Notify your clients as their driver arrives, this convenience is particularly welcome during bad weather months

SMS competitions

Special offers

Promote your firm with special offers when clients pre-book their trips during busy periods like New Year

SMS information

Dispatch notification

Let your client know when a driver is on their way, how long they'll be and the make/model of the vehicle

SMS payments

Balance confirmation

If you hold accounts for regular clients, notify them of their balance after a trip or when payment is due

SMS delivery


Use SMS to send drivers messages individually or all at once, great if you need more drivers available

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New to SMS Messaging?

Download our 12-page Taxi & Private Hire Guide to SMS Messaging : How to use SMS to increase bookings and streamline operations

SMS guide for taxis and travel hire