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Customer experience – The best way to advertise your business

Businesses are always looking for better and more efficient ways to market and advertise their business, from television adverts, to SEO and pay-per click adverts – they are always after better responses and a higher return on their investments.

However, recently there has been a shift in focus and priority, as businesses are starting to prioritise their customer’s experience. Companies such as Apple and Amazon are paving the way with their fantastic and trend setting customer experiences, that ultimately end up making brand advocates of their customers.

Customer expectations are rising 

As these major brands increase and perfect their customer support and experiences, customers levels of expectations are rising. They know exactly how they want to be treated, they know exactly what is ‘great customer service’ and what makes a good customer experience. 

The bar has been set high and now your customers expect the same level of service from all their interactions across the board, regardless of sector or price which means your customer experience needs to WOW to compete with the very best.

Customer Experience

The stat above has highlighted many things that combine to offer a great customer experience 


Customers want fast responses, no long waits on hold or days waiting for an email reply, or even minutes waiting for web chats. Customers value their time and they want instant responses, which has led to the rise of self-serve tools and automations.


Customers want things to be easy and they have zero tolerance for anything longwinded or complicated. Make it easy, quick and convenient for them.

More ways than one

We all have different preferences and our customers are no different. They want various ways to talk and communicate with your brand, call it omni-channel, call it multi-channel, customers don’t care what you call it, they just want to be able to communicate with your business in their preferred method.

But make sure one is mobile

The smartphone has changed the way we live and the way we interact, we are obsessed by it, we want to communicate on it, and use it for our daily tasks. It ticks all the boxes for it to be the perfect hand-held device, none more so than the first two on our list above – speed and convenience.

Make it personal

We all like to feel special and important, so show your customers you care about them and make things personal. Segment your database by sectors, purchases, interests etc. to make sure you are sending them relevant content and delivering them a customer experience that relates to them personally.

Here at Fastsms, we can help you improve your customer experience and support through your communication with your customers. Whether that’s through transactional SMS, SMS appointment reminders, special offers and marketing or customer service improvements.

So get in touch with us today and see how we can help your business rise and deliver amazing customer experiences.