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SMS Marketing for
Takeaways & Street Food

Promote your style of food and build a solid base
of loyal repeat customers using SMS marketing

See for yourself how easy it is to start using SMS in your takeaway or
street food business – we’ll even give you 25 free credits to get started

Create a loyal following for your food business

Whether you’re running a traditional takeaway or mobile street food business there are likely a couple things that set you apart from most standard restaurants; convenience and niche.

Chances are your menu is focussed around one specific type of food to varying degrees. It could be that you offer everything from burgers to chicken, or you could be a mobile truck offering one type of burrito (with veggie option) – the key thing is that you probably have a niche, a strong identity.

Having a strong identity for your business allows you to use well-timed SMS messages to tap into your customers’ cravings. Whether it’s a lunchtime snack or a treat for payday if you can get your message in front of your customers just as they’re thinking about food you have a good chance of getting the order.

Even if you don’t already take mobile numbers for deliveries or pre-orders just ask your customers if they’d like to receive a receive exclusive offers to their mobile – you’d be surprised how many people are willing to give up their number to their favourite brands.

If you want to take it further you can then segment that data based on food preferences, location or when they place orders. This type of personalisation can be really powerful in making your customers feel special. If you’re a mobile vendor then this is the perfect way to notify customers when you’re in their area, just note where you were when you got their number.

But there’s much more to SMS than promotional marketing. With a bit of creativity, you could find it streamlines your takeaway or street food business in other ways too.

SMS booking


Give your regular customers the option to send you their order via text message

SMS feedback


Measure satisfaction & increase customer intelligence with automated campaigns triggered off the back of n order

SMS information


Notify your customers if you're going to be closed for a refurbishment or are launching a new menu

SMS delivery


Keep your customers happy with notifications when an order has been accepted and when it's out for delivery

SMS promotions


Reward your best customers with exclusive offers and discounts when they quote your text whilst ordering

SMS location


If your business is mobile, let your customers know when you'll be in their area so they don't miss out

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