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SMS Glossary


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tags in netmessengerTags are a feature of NetMessenger that make it easier to organise the messages you receive. The feature works in a similar way to filtering in most email clients. You can think of them like folders too, but they offer more flexibility.


For example, messages can belong to more than one tag. That means you can tag a message with both a “sales” tag and a “customer” tag if the message confirmed a sale from an existing customer. The message would exist with both tags so if your customer support team reviews the messages tagged with “customer” they will see it. Also, when the sales team goes to look at messages relating to “sales” they will see it.


Another feature of tags is the ability to assign them manually or automatically. Manually means you can choose a tag for a message you’ve already received. You can select a tag you’ve already defined, or create a new one from the Inbox.


When you create a tag from the “Tags” option in the Messages menu, you can tell it to automatically assign the tag to messages with a specific sender’s number, an inbound number (for those with multiple VMNs) or for any word or phrase in the message body. If the conditions are met, incoming messages will automatically be tagged.


The automatic feature saves time and keeps you organised too. One specific example of how this might work is if you are using a single VMN for all your businesses SMS messaging, but you have multiple people on your sales team. Each team member can request that messages sent to them include their name, or other identifier, in the message body. This way customers or clients can be sure their message is routed to the appropriate person.

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