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SMS Glossary

Contact Groups

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netmessenger contact groupsA Contact Group is a NetMessenger feature that lets you create a small list of mobile numbers you frequently want to contact together. Inside NetMessenger, it’s simply referred to as Groups. For example, let’s say you work with or manage a team of people, and you find yourself sending identical messages to everyone. To make things more simple, you can create a Group called “Work” and use NetMessenger to send one message out to everyone at the same time.


Another example would be a small business that uses SMS messaging to notify all employees of payroll notices, schedule changes, or instructions.


The Groups feature is specifically created for small lists of numbers that can be easily managed. There isn’t a set number or limit on group size, however, if there are too many numbers the list can become unwieldy. If you have a large list, we recommend using a Distribution List instead.


That’s because a Group is basically individual numbers that have been assigned to a Group name. Individual contacts can belong to multiple Groups (up to 10). Existing individual contacts can be added to a Group by editing that single contact and manually adding the groups to that contact.


Alternatively, individual contacts can be automatically added to a Group when they are imported in using a CSV file. We have specific instructions on how to create the import file in our Support Centre.

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