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Using SMS for business communications

The hesitation around using SMS for important business communications, has well and truly been lifted, the flood gates to better business communication has opened. Banks, Hospitals and even Governments are now all using SMS to communicate. Last year the US Government used SMS to test its Emergency Alert System, which alerts all US public about any possible National emergencies – for more info click here.

In the early adoption of SMS as a business communication tool, businesses gained huge response rates and successes with marketing, promotions and offers. However there were reservations about sending more important information and tasks through SMS – this has now completely changed.

SMS provides a communication tool that is instant, convenient and familiar to customers, meaning they respond and engage more with an SMS. Which in turn provides the businesses with an incredibly effective method of communication. So businesses are now actively looking to put more information and tasks through SMS.


4 popular business use cases

Appointment Reminders
One of the most effective tools in the SMS armoury is SMS appointment reminders. Missed appointments can be incredibly frustrating for not only businesses but genuine customers too. Reducing no-shows can increase a business’ productivity as well increasing profits through reducing the lack of missed opportunity and revenue.

Banks, Hospitals, Dentists, Hair Dressers and many more are all using SMS appointment reminders to improve their business communication. With many sending an appointment confirmation text immediately after the appointment is made, then following up with a reminder the day before the appointment.

Customer Service
Customer experience is the business topic that is really being pushed at the moment, and rightly so. Providing your customers with excellent customer service can really elevate your business above its competition. 

SMS can allow your customers to text you asking for a support call from a technician, meaning your customers are not sat frustrated waiting on hold. Some businesses are even having SMS support conversations with their customers, through our email to SMS service, you can have conversational SMS with your customers through your work email platform. Great for the customer, but also the business as a single support technician can be working on several support conversations at the same time.

Transactional SMS
Updates, confirmations and important details are now all being sent through SMS. As SMS is instant, it works perfectly for transactional information that needs to be sent and read by the customer after they have completed an action or task.

Marketing and Promotions
And of course marketing and promotions will always be extremely popular by SMS. With the 98% open rate of SMS meaning it receives massive response rates that other channels cannot get close to.

Business SMS is growing everyday, more businesses are beginning their SMS adventure, and existing business SMS users are using SMS in more ways to enhance their business communication. If you would like to learn more about how SMS can help your business then please get in touch or sign up for your free account here.