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GDPR: Everyone relax… You can still send mobile marketing messages

There has been more build up and anticipation to GDPR than the football World Cup! Months and months of GDPR posts filled with thoughts and opinions have swarmed our news feeds and email inboxes. Warnings and potential astronomical fine figures have initial around left right and centre… And here we are several weeks after GDPR and all is calm and well!

GDPR mobile marketingThe unfortunate truth is, there were many individuals and businesses that seen GDPR as a money maker, and were scaremongering perfectly legitimate people and businesses into making rash decisions about their marketing, when in fact they were perfectly fine and GDPR compliant already.

GDPR was not aimed at the perfectly legitimate and honest businesses that use their customer data and information responsibly, and have done for years. The GDPR rules are just an update to the existing data protection laws that many UK businesses already comply with. 

GDPR was aimed at the horrible spammy and carless businesses, that treat customer data with no importance or respect, and just bombard anyone and everyone with spammy content and messages.

The ICO have also made several statements recently telling businesses not to panic…

“We’re not out to get people and it’s not all about fines. Although it is enforced, we’re not going to go and start fining all the small organisations… We pride ourselves on being a fair and proportionate regulator and this will continue under the GDPR.”
Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner

As long as your business has genuine legitimate interest for why it’s sending that marketing message, then it’s very likely that your business is compliant.

So don’t worry, relax. With legitimate interests and opted in customers, you and your business can continue to send marketing messages at your will.