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SMS Glossary

SMS to Email

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sms to emailSMS to email is the ability to receive SMS messages in a fastsms account and have them forwarded to an email address. To use this feature, you need to have a virtual mobile number (VMN). This allows you to receive SMS messages on the system.


To set up SMS to email, go to your account in NetMessenger. Under the “Inbound Number” settings, click the Settings option of the VMN you want to use. Below the message box, you’ll see the “Forward Incoming Messages to:” header. In this section, you can enter the email you want to use for forwarded SMS messages. You can also enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.


Following this step will send all your SMS messages for that VMN to the email, or emails, you specify. If you only want certain messages forwarded, you can use the keyword processing option. It works the same as the instructions above, but you can define a keyword that needs to be in the message for the message to be forwarded.


For example, if you only wanted messages from your boss John forwarded, make sure he knows to include his name in every message. If a message is received with his name in it (or any other keyword you specify), it will be forwarded to the email you list in the settings.


Using SMS to email offers the convenience of having all your messages in one place. This is a great option if you want the benefits of receiving SMS messages, but still want to use your email client to manage them together with your emails.


Fastsms also lets you respond using SMS with our Email to SMS option. Many businesses choose to send and receive text messages using their email client by combining these features together.

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