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SMS Glossary

Email To SMS

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email to sms email2smsEmail to SMS (sometimes abbreviated as Email2SMS) allows anyone to send SMS messages using email. A user composes an email message in any email client, which is then sent to a service provider’s systems which processes it and forwards it out as an SMS message.


In order for everything to work properly with fastsms, there is a specific format for the email address, the subject, and the first two lines of the content must follow. There are specific instructions on how to do this in our Support Centre.


The benefits of Email to SMS are many.


Businesses that want to begin using SMS messaging with clients or customers can start right away without learning any new software or system. The staff can continue sending emails as usual, they just need to understand how to format it properly for SMS. The formatting is extremely simple, and easy to setup as a template in most email clients.


In addition, applications that already send out email using SMTP can easily be configured to use Email to SMS without any additional programming expense.


Individuals can use it to stay connected with friends and family when they are traveling abroad, or in areas where the mobile network is unreliable or blocked (such as the Tube or inside buildings).


It should be noted however, that not all Email to SMS services are equal. There are many sites on the web that say they will send SMS messages via email for free. Most of these do not use Tier 1 routes, which means the messages stay as an email for most of the processing. In fact, the message may never be converted to SMS because the routes are so unreliable, and emails aren’t guaranteed to be delivered.


A good SMS provider that supports Email to SMS will use Tier 1 routes and convert the email into an SMS early in the process and get it onto the mobile networks where fast delivery is guaranteed.

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