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SMS Glossary

Message Templates

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message templatesMessage templates are a feature of NetMessenger, our web-based SMS solution. They make it easy to send similar, or frequent, messages. Organisations often need to send messages that are identical, or nearly so. A few examples are: appointment confirmations, product information, order confirmations, thank you messages, or links to more resources.


It’s time consuming to enter the information for each individual message. So, a template can be created that includes all the standard text or links needed. Then the details can be added manually or automatically (using our API).


They also reduce human error because the repetitive, tedious, parts are already defined. This eliminates errors or inconsistencies that might be otherwise introduced. Organisations are able to maintain the same level of service, tone, style, and brand image in all their messages.


Templates obey all the same rules as any other SMS message. The standard message length is 160 characters, but you can have up to 456 characters. One standard message counts as one credit, and a full 456 would be three credits. You’ll see the character count, and message count, as you type in the template.


Once you’ve completed a template, you can select it when composing a message. After you do so, the content of the template will appear in the Message Text area of the message you’re trying to send. A template can also be used via another application that has been integrated using our API.


A specific example for template usage is an appointment reminder. Many organisations use reminders to reduce no-shows. The reminder template would contain the generic information a person would need to know such as this example: “This is a reminder for your appointment with ABCD company. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Here are the details:”


Then, when it’s time to send the reminder a staff member (or application) can select the template, then enter the specific appointment details like date and time at the end. It can then be sent, just like any other SMS message.

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