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SMS Glossary

Message Forwarding

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message forwardingMessage forwarding allows you to redirect any SMS messages received to another mobile number, an email address or to a URL using HTTP. This offers flexibility in how incoming messages are handled.


To use message forwarding, you’ll need to have a virtual mobile number (VMN) so you can receive SMS messages with fastsms. Once the VMN is enabled, you can log into NetMessenger and go to your settings for the VMN.


You’ll see a forwarding section where you can add mobile numbers, email addresses or a URL using HTTP. These settings will forward all messages sent to the VMN.


If you want to forward just specific messages, you can use keyword processing. For example, you want only messages received with the word “meeting” in it. You can specify “meeting” as a keyword, then set up the forwarding options that will process only when a message contains that word.


Businesses or organisations may use forwarding to make sure everyone who needs to get a message receives it, whether they have access to NetMessenger or are away from the office. It can also be used to convert an SMS message into an email for wider distribution.


Some companies also use email clients to send SMS messages using our Email to SMS solution rather than sending SMS messages directly in NetMessenger. With message forwarding, they can send the replies to their messages back to their email client where the conversation is all saved together in one place.


Developers can take advantage of the forward to a URL using HTTP. This enables messages to be routed to applications over the web. The message can be sent using either the GET or POST method. Our system will provide the source, destination VMN, the body message, the message ID, the timestamp the message was received and an authorisation code.

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