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SMS Glossary

Distribution Lists

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distribution lists fastsmsDistribution Lists


Distribution lists are a feature in NetMessenger, and are a great way to organise your contacts and SMS messaging campaigns.


You can send messages to a distribution list at any time, and as quickly as if you were sending to a single number. A distribution list is a messaging equivalent of a postal mailing list. They have long been a favourite feature for power users of the fastsms messaging platform.


They allow you to use a single list name that equates to the numbers of all of the people on the list. For example, you could have a personal distribution list called “family” that includes the numbers of all your relatives. A user can send a message to the distribution list, which automatically distributes it to all the recipients on that list. This makes managing a list of recipients easier, by not having to select or type in each number, every time a message needs to be sent to all those recipients.


Imagine a school needing to warn all parents of a bad weather closure … one message sent to a distribution list of parents’ numbers and the job is done. Think of a quick special offer being mailed out to a subscriber list or a call for volunteers in a mountain rescue group. The possibilities are endless. It is also extremely easy to create a distribution list by uploading a csv file with the numbers from Excel or some similar software package.


Depending on the need for the distribution list, it could have as few as two numbers in it, or as many as a hundred, or even a thousand; in fact as many as needed. There is virtually no limit to how many numbers it could contain.


You can find all you need to know about distribution lists by visiting our Support Centre.

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