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Massively improve your business SMS with SMS Web Pages

SMS has been around for many years now, in fact the first SMS was sent way back in 1992 by Neil Papworth, who sent ‘Merry Christmas’ to the Director of Vodafone Richard Jarvis.

Since then the mobile phone has grown and grown in its importance, and is now it has become our best friend and never leaves our side. On average people check their mobile phone 150 times per day, spending around 177 minutes using them, with more than 90% of all smartphone users saying they have their phones within arms reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Source: Morgan Stanley).

The mobile phone has changed a lot since it sent that first text message, from the huge, bulky mobile phones, to the introduction of the small, sleek and stylish smartphone. The smartphone has enabled us to, surf the internet, shop, watch movies, listen to music, anything and nearly everything can now be conducted through our mobile phone – and if it can’t, then it’s not worth doing.

However the main communication method has not changed, the trusty and powerful SMS text message. There has been some little bits of extra functionality added over the years, ability to send longer texts, send images, emojis and links etc. But now we have a new amazing feature to add, introducing SMS Web Pages.

SMS web pages allows you to send beautiful, bespoke, mobile landing pages via SMS – easily and quickly. You can design your landing page to suit your message and brand, add your company logo and colours, add beautiful enticing imagery, catchy headlines and those all important call to action buttons.

The open rate of SMS is far superior to any other communication channel, a whopping 98% of all text messages get read. Which means this is a fantastic way to send your customers beautiful images of your new products, services, news stories or business, and you know that they are actually go to see them.

This amazing feature comes at no extra cost, no setup or design fee. You simply select a template, add your text, add your images and edit the colours, designs, and fonts as you wish. Even better is you can track exactly who clicked the link with our tracked URL link feature.

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