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Why businesses love SMS notifications

The mobile phone has opened up an endless amount of opportunities for businesses to connect and communicate with their customers in new and improved ways, gaining better open rates, response rates, as well as being quick, easy and cost effective for the business.

It goes without saying that customers desire and preference has now moved or is moving to a more mobile solution. The mobile phone offers customers a more convenient and familiar method of communication, as well as being instant.

There are many different successful business use cases for SMS currently, from marketing and sales, through to customer support and SMS appointment reminders. 

One specific area that has really been revolutionised through SMS, is business SMS notifications.

SMS notifications

With most people being in constant contact with their mobile phone at all times, if a business needs to send important information, transactional messages or notifications to their customers, then SMS is the perfect communication method for the job.

What is an SMS notification?
An SMS notification is a text message response that has been triggered via an action that has been completed by the customer. Usually SMS notifications are sent automatically via an API. 

Why use an SMS notification?
Any personal, important information that is needed instantly, then SMS is perfect.

SMS notifications

If using an API, then there is no need for human contact, the customer doesn’t have to wait for their details or info to be sent. And from a businesses point of view, not only does it mean less work for staff making the business more efficient, but also you know that the text message and info is not going to get lost in junk emails folders.

SMS notification uses
Account Information – sign ups, passwords, updates.

Confirmations – confirming orders, appointments, purchases.

Delivery – progress status, date of delivery, updates.

Reminders – confirmations, appointment reminders, cancellations.

Updates – events, news, applications.

All of the above have attributed to the rise of business SMS notifications in every sector. Banks and the financial sector, healthcare, logistics and retail.

SMS notifications

If you would like to discuss how SMS notifications can help your business then get in touch today.