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SMS Glossary

Keyword Message List

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keyword message listIn your fastsms account, the Keyword Message List is where you can review all your keywords, add a keyword, or delete them. For virtual mobile numbers (VMNs), you can see the list of keywords by choosing “keyword processing” for the VMN you want in the “Inbound Numbers” page in your settings.


Keywords for shortcodes first need to be purchased through your account. They can be reserved for a single month or year on year. Once activated, the list of keywords you purchased on the fastsms shortcode will appear on the “Shortcode Keywords” tab on the “Inbound Numbers” page.


For each keyword, you can define the actions to take when it is received. Generally, you can filter messages based on keywords and assign them to specific lists, remove them from a list, send an automated response, or forward the message.


The Keyword Message List for VMNs provides a summary of each keyword, the action to take, and a copy of the message sent in reply, if there is one. This lets you quickly scan your keywords to ensure they are all configured the way you want them to be.


The shortcode keywords message list contains the shortcode the keywords belong to, the expiry date (the date your keyword rental ends), the option to renew, and a link to the settings for that keyword. So right from this list you can manage all your shortcode keywords including renewals and the actions you want taken when you receive the keyword.


Keywords are most often used in SMS marketing campaigns, but can be used for any organisation needing to filter and organise their SMS list. For example, keywords can be used to separate mobile numbers into lists for employees and customers for companies that use it for internal communication and marketing. Non-profits can organise their volunteers into lists for different events or locations.

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