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SMS Glossary


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sms reportsFastsms’ reports let you keep track of your account activity. In NetMessenger, you can select the report you want to see from the “Reports” menu on the dashboard. The available reports are: Archived message, Archived messaging summary, Failed messages, Inbound messages, Keyword message list, Messages report, Sends by distribution list, Background sends, and Usage.


All the reports are exportable in CSV format so you can use them in Excel or your favourite analytics programs. The default though, is to display the report information in your browser. You can set the time period you want in the report. Messages older than 60 days, though, will only be available in the Archived reports.


Some of the reports have the option to show the message body. Running those reports provides a complete record of messages including the content (message body), time and date, destination number, and message status.


For customers using keywords (either on their VMN or our shortcode) the Keyword message list report lets you see a list of mobile numbers that replied using a keyword. It also includes the message body and the date and time received. This type of information is helpful in determining the response rate to offers you made using those keywords, or to track opt in campaigns based on keyword.


Advanced users who manage a team of people on their fastsms account can also run reports for each sub-user they create. This helps managers monitor the activities of their team and can ensure no one is sending too many messages, or not responding to enough messages. While credits can be allocated to each sub-users, many work from a single pool of credits and the sub-user reports will show how many each user is sending.

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