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The most effective mobile marketing example messages

Businesses are regularly saying that SMS marketing is the most effective marketing channel around today. Massive open rates, huge response rates and plenty of click throughs. It’s simply a fact that SMS marketing is incredibly effective. 

The mobile phone is such a huge part of modern day life, not only helping to keep us entertained throughout the day, but also helping us through our everyday tasks. Making payments, checking your bank balance, watching films, listening to music, responding to emails etc. etc. Have all become the norm with our mobile phones, so it’s no wonder that mobile marketing is pretty much untouchable when it comes to open rates.

Mobile marketing can also be used for all types of business to customer communications. Sales and marketing offers, notifications and appointment reminders, customer service and just any general news or updates.

However knowing where to start within any marketing venture can be a little tricky so here are some great mobile marketing example messages for you to have a look at and edit for your use…

Sales and offers: Spread the word about your sales/offers to all your customers
SMS marketing is a great way to make sure news of your sale spreads through your customer base and beyond. Keep it simple and add details of your offer and also a link to your website or how to claim.

“Summer sale now on! Get up to 60% off lots of great products now whilst stocks last www.link.com”

Appointment reminders: Massively reduce your missed appointments
Missed appointments cost businesses millions every year, and a lot of the time it is because the patient/customer has innocently forgotten about their appointment. Not everyone checks their emails, but everyone has their mobile phone with them, so send your customers an appointment reminder so you both don’t miss out.

“Hi John just a reminder that your appointment is tomorrow, Friday 23rd July at 10.15am – look forward to seeing you. If you need to cancel your appointment please call 01234 567890”

Confirmations and updates: Keep your customers up to date
Customers always want to be kept in the loop, customer communication is vital and imperative to giving great customer service. So send out updates to orders or confirmations via text to instantly let your customers know what’s going on.

“Hi Sarah we are excited and happy to tell you that your house insurance has successful been renewed for another year. For anymore information please give us a call on 01234 567 890 or visit us at www.link.com”

Internal communications: Keeping staff in the loop
Sometimes communicating with a large workforces can be tricky. SMS can help you communicate quickly and efficiently, shift changes, meetings, weather updates, staff training etc.

“Morning all, there has been a serious accident on the M4. So we advise everyone to take a different route or train into work. If you are going to have issues getting in please speak to your line manager. Please take care.”

New releases: Launch new services or products
When you launch a new product or service you want everyone to know about it, well SMS is perfect for that.

“Exciting news! We have just launched our brand new menu! Authentic delicious Italian cuisine right on your doorstep – book your table now 01234 567 890 or click here www.link.com”

Delivery notifications: Helping your deliver amazing service
Just letting your customers know the details and time of their expected delivery can go a long way in keeping them happy.

“Great news! Your parcel will be delivered today between 10am – 11am. Hope you like it and hopefully hear from you again soon www.link.com”

There are lots of great ways businesses are using SMS marketing to communicate with their customers. If you would like to discuss how SMS can help your business call us on 0800 954 5305.