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The biggest benefits of business SMS

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, are using SMS to communicate with their customers. Everyday we are seeing new and innovative ways that businesses are utilising the power of SMS to further their business, whether that be through sending appointment reminders, confirmations, delivery notifications, customer support or marketing and promotions – SMS can really help every business.

But why are so many businesses jumping on the SMS band wagon to communicate with their customers? We take a look at the main benefits of business SMS. 

Benefits of business SMS

Open rate
Probably the biggest and best feature of SMS is it’s fantastic open rate that just simply cannot be matched by any other communication channel.

SMS has an eye-watering 98% open rate. Email open rate is 20%
(Source: Gartner)

Response rate
This open rate means that SMS also yields an amazing response rate, meaning that it’s perfect for marketing and promotions, as well as appointment reminders.

SMS response rates average around 45%
(Source: Gartner)

SMS is not only quick to setup and send from a business point of view, but it’s an instant form of contact with the customers, as they will receive your message instantly.

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received
(Source: Gartner)

No spam folders
Unlike email, SMS has no spam folders. So you don’t have to worry about creating the perfect subject line to try and slip through spam filters.

Customers like to feel special, and one way to make them feel special, is by communicating with them personally. The mobile phone is already a very personal device, and then by adding their name into the text message, you can really make them feel like you care and make them feel special. 

Tracking and reports 
With SMS you can see if the message has been delivered, and exactly who has clicked on any links you send within your messages.

The mobile phone is our favourite device that simple does not leave our side, we take it everywhere with us. It is our main device for communicating with each other on, making it the most convenient device for businesses to communicate with their customers.

There are lots of benefits to businesses using SMS to communicate with their customers, as well as lots of different ways businesses can use SMS to improve their customer communication. If you would like to explore business SMS, then sign up for your free account today, and please do get in touch if you have any questions.