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Our Data

Secure, reliable, and 100% uptime

SLA cloud-based SMS services

The best SMS service would be nothing without the infrastructure to back it up

When we started fastsms, we knew it was important to use data centres that provided the highest reliability, security, and uptime. And to provide you the best service and delivery times, the data centres needed to have the lowest latencies too.

We found just the right data centre. In fact, we found two. Then we invested in creating a modern computing environment to provide the best performance for all our SMS services and features.

Our primary data centre is in Coventry and just a single hop away from the main Internet exchanges and SMS gateways.  We also maintain a disaster recovery site in Wales so we can keep your messages moving should our primary site go down for any reason.

You can learn more about our data centres below. Or you can download a PDF version of this page.

If you want to know more details about our data centres just call us on 0800 954 5305 or email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk.


Your data is protected by multiple layers of security

Proximity cards, closed-circuit TV cameras, biometrics, on-site 24/7 security staff. These are just a few of the security measures in place in our data centres. We have physical security from the outside fences and gates to interior airlock doors with restricted access. Along with security staff that are always on site, we have integrated digital video camera surveillance.

Beyond physical security, we have policies in place to ensure only approved personnel are allowed into the data centre. Delivery and loading of goods are also closely monitored.

Your messages, contact information, and analytics are all safe with us.


Fast, reliable, always available web based SMS messaging

All our services run on a VMWare vSphere 5.0 cloud infrastructure designed for maximum performance. Our virtualised servers are built on Dell’s ultra-efficient, multiply redundant M1000e blade chassis and protected by two HA Firegate Firewalls.

All of this technical jargon means our service is built on hardware and software that optimise performance at all times. And because of virtualisation and VMWare vSphere we can keep on working even if there is an unexpected hardware failure or during times of maintenance.

You can rest easy knowing your SMS messages can be sent at any time, and that you can always connect to our system to read your replies, check your analytics, or make changes to your account.


Tier 1 routes and guaranteed delivery rates of 99.9%*

Both our data centres have a minimum gigabit redundant connection to Telehouse West in London, the home of the LINX and LoNAP (Internet peering connections).

We use the fastest routes over the Internet to get your messages through to the mobile carrier networks as quickly as possible. This ensures high delivery rates (99.9% or better) and guaranteed delivery times of 10 seconds or less (less than 6 on average) in our service level agreements.

 *See our Service Level Agreement for details.