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Summer Sale – get 10% free SMS

Summertime is well and truly underway. Sunshine, happiness and laughter are filling the air, and we thought we would add some more great news into the mix, with our own little Summer Sale.

Spirits are high during the Summer months, and people are always looking for activities to do, so this creates perfect opportunities for certain businesses to promote their business, products or services. With SMS you can do exactly that and more…

With this in mind we thought we would run a Summer Sale to give you the chance to stock up on some free credits. Whether you are running your own Summer Sale, have some big campaigns to send out, or just want to stock up on some free credits – now is the perfect time to purchase.

Summer Sale Free SMS

Our Summer Sale SMS Offer
Any purchase over 1,000 credits will receive an extra 10% free SMS credits! The offer can be used multiple times but cannot be used with any existing offer or discount SMS credit price. 

To claim this offer, please forward your invoice to helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk with the subject line Summer Sale – the offer CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount, but can be used multiple times during the period.