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SMS Glossary

One Way Text Messaging

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one way text messagingOne way text messaging refers to the sending of text messages without the ability to receive replies. Often this is called “bulk” SMS messaging, where a message is sent out to thousands, or hundreds of thousands of mobile numbers in broadcast fashion.


However, all it really means is that a message can be sent, but no replies can be received. One message or a million can be sent, there is no limit or minimum required. There are many reasons to use one-way messaging.


Businesses and organisations that use SMS to send appointment reminders generally don’t need to get a reply. They are just sending notifications out to the people who need them. Often in these situations a business might include their office number in the message in case the person needs to reschedule.


Another common use of one way text messaging would be one-time-authentication (OTA) requests. This is when someone is trying to access their account online, but can’t remember the login details. Some websites, banks or services (like Google) will give the option to send an OTA to the mobile number in the profile of the user. Once received, the OTA is entered online and the user can proceed to their account.


Many companies also use one way text messaging for their mobile marketing campaigns. This enables them to send out coupons, announcements, links to sales, and mobile surveys. Companies need to be aware of remaining compliant with ICO directives though, which means customers need a way to opt out even if they can’t reply.


Services like fastsms offer one way text messaging because in the above situations, and many more, the ability to send is all that’s required. And if the situation changes and the ability to get replies is needed, all it takes is the addition of a virtual mobile number or keywords on our shortcode. Either of these will let recipients respond to their messages and open up the possibilities to make SMS messaging even more useful.

one way sms messaging
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