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SMS Glossary

Messaging Gateway

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sms messaging gatewayMessaging Gateway


A messaging gateway is a computer system that converts one messaging protocol to another. It provides an interface between two store and forward nodes, or message transfer agents (MTAs).


The Fastsms messaging gateway manages all of the inbound and outbound messaging requirements of its users via a Tier 1 network with multiple SMSC connections. (A Tier 1 network is one that can reach every other network on the Internet solely via its free and reciprocal peering agreements.)


A messaging gateway enables organisations to secure their email and productivity infrastructure with effective and accurate real-time anti-spam and anti-malware protection, targeted attack protection, advanced content filtering, data loss prevention, and email encryption.


An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive SMS transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks.


Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats. An SMS gateway typically sits between the end user who needs to send/receive SMS and a mobile network’s SMSC. Such gateways provide a choice of protocols, including HTTP, SMTP, SMPP and Web services.


Providers of SMS gateway services include SMS aggregators and mobile operators. SMS gateways are also available as part of messaging services such as AOL, ICQ and others.


The Fastsms SMS gateway connects through to over 200 global mobile networks and an up-to-date list of these can be found here.  These connections constantly change so if there is something you need that is not included please check in with us for the very latest status.

SMS gateway
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